This is Kendo


This is Kendo The Art of Japanese Fencing

This book introduces Kendo, the exhilarating mental and physical sport of Japan that has gained new popularity, with both sexes now participating, its own evolution and the efforts of a remarkable group of teachers it has progressed through the years to its present position as a sport.

This is Kendo is a fully illustrated introduction to the traditional art of Japanese fencing—its essential nature and its basic techniques. It is the first kendo book in English to describe and analyze this famous sport. Features include:

  • Over 100 photographs and drawings
  • Origin and History of Kendo
  • Basic Kendo Principles and Techniques
  • Traditions Governing Kendo Etiquette and Technique
  • Important Strikes
  • Offensive and Defensive Positions
  • Training Exercises

The paramount point to be remembered in this book on an ancient art is that no one really stops learning more about the people who invented armor and developed combat techniques. It is our hope that the reader will continue his study beyond the scope of this kendo guide.

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