The YasuKuni Swords


The Yasukuni swords 1933-1945 Tom Kishida

Between 1933 and 1945, 8,100 of these weapons were crafted. They were forged by only a handful of swordsmiths - an all but extinct breed of traditional craftsmen. The time-honoured techniques by which they were forged, as well as the quality of steel used to create them, sets them apart from other swords produced at the time. Today Yasukuni swords are highly valued for their beauty and historical significance. This book not only describes in detail how Yasukuni swords were made, but also gives guidance to help distinguish them from the 90,000 swords that did not follow traditional forging practices and were not made of quality steel - swords which all too frequently appear at auctions for inflated prices. Among the 150 stunning photographs contained in this book are those of sword tangs (the part of the blade inside the hilt that carries important identifying information, such as the smith's signature, file markings, distinct shapes, &c).


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