Shingunto paratroopers ( Sorry no longer available )


A shingunto with the kanji of Giretsu . (義烈空挺隊, Giretsu Kūteitai) ("Heroic Paratroopers") was an airlifted special forces unit of the imperial Japanese army .formed from Army paratroopers , in November 1944 as a last-ditch attempt to reduce and delay Allied bombing raids on the Japanese home islands .The Giretsu Special Forces unit was commanded by Lieutenant General Michio Sugahara.

The Giretsu operations were to be undertaken at night, beginning with air strikes by bombers. After this, commando units would be inserted onto the target airfield by crash landing their transports. The fact that there was no provision for extraction of the strike force, along with the rejection of surrender in Japanese military doctrine at the time, meant that the Giretsu ground operations were effectively suicidal attacks. 

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