Kanzeon Bosatsu .

Kanzeon Botatsu , 観世音菩薩 . Known as Kanzeon in Japan she is called Guanyin in China and other countries . Guanyin is the equivalent term for Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. Guanyin also refers to the bodhisattva as adopted by other Eastern religions. In Japanese, Guanyin is pronounced Kannon (観音), occasionally Kan'on, or more formally Kanzeon (観世音, the same characters as Guanshiyin)She was first given the appellation of "Goddess of Mercy" or the Mercy Goddess by Jesuit missionaries in China. 

Ryūjin or Ryōjin (龍神, "dragon god"), which in some traditions is equivalent to Owatatsumi was the Deity of the sea in Japanese mythology. This Japanese dragon symbolized the power of the ocean had a large mouth, and was able to transform into a human shape. He is considered a good God  and patron of Japan,  since the Japanese population has for several centuries lived off the sea and seafood. Ryūjin is also credited with the challenge of a hurricane that sunk the Mongolian flotilla sent by Kublai Khan. Ryūjin lived in Ryugu-jo  his palace under the sea built out of red and white coral, from where he controlled the tide with magical tide jewels Sea turtles fish and jellyfish are often depicted as Ryūjin's servants.

Ryūjin was the father of the beautiful goddess Toyotama- Hime who married the hunter prince  Hoori. The first Emperor of Japan , Emperor Jimmu is said to have been a grandson of Otohime and Hoori's. Thus, Ryūjin is said to be one of the ancestors of the Japanese imperial dynasty.

this is a very large quite splendid item , very heavy , made from copper , and showing the skills of the Japanese craftsman .
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The last picture shows Kannon Bodhisattva Riding the Dragon 1890, Oil on canvas. Gokoku-ji Temple Collection, currently displayed in the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. HARADA, Naojiro (1863 - 1899).

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