Japanese Style

Japanese Style' was originally written and compiled in 1985 and reprinted in 2004 and the images inside are simply beautiful. This has a brief written introduction before you come to over 750 photos of various Japanese homes. This looks at both modern and traditional Japanese architecture and the modern style has dated some what (having been photographed in the 80's) but the traditional homes are timeless and beautiful. There are plenty of images of shoji screens, tatami mats, zen gardens and intimate meditation areas, as well as more basic rooms used for study, watching TV or preparing food. If you are looking for ideas for your home then this is a wonderful place to go, each image is briefly annotated so you know what you are looking at and the inspiration leaps out of the book with every turn of the page. There is also a section at the back noting where you can buy various Japanese items (from furniture and homeware to bonsai tools and sushi ingredients) in London and around the UK. Be aware some of the retailers no longer exist or have moved location so check online first. All in all this is a beautiful coffee table format book showing some aspects of the unique style in Japan and makes for interesting and inspiring reading.

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