Hakata doll ( large ) Tahei Mori . Samurai . Interior design.


This is a statue of the samurai Mori Tahei of the Kuroda clan that was based in Fukuoka, northern Kyushu. The story behind this statue is that the daimyo Fukushima Masanori was given a famous spear, Nihongō by warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi. In 1590, Masanori beckoned Mori Tahei to show his drinking strength as a Kuroda warrior and down a massive bow of sake bottoms up. As a reward for guzzling the sake, Masanori promised the famed spear. Mori stepped up, drained the sake, and walked (or stumbled?) away with the spear. This episode has become the stuff of legend and a famous folk song. Here are the words to the first verse:

Sake wa nome nome nomu naraba,

hinomoto ichi no kono yari o,

nomi toru hodo ni nomu naraba,

kore zo makoto no Kuroda-bushi.

 Drink, drink the sake,

If you drink it all, the greatest of spears will be yours,

If you drink it all, you’re a true Kuroda warrior. 
A perfect piece of Japanese style interior design, adding that final touch to your Japanese room.

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