Fudo Myoo’s Sword. Interior design.


Fudo-Myoo means ‘Immovable One’. Fudo-Myoo was the most important Buddhist deity to the samurai. He is the principal deity of the Five Bright Kings, a group of fierce deities that represent the cardinal directions. Fudo-Myoo is in the center, as a mediator of the other four. He holds a sword in one hand and a lasso-like rope called a lariat in the other. He is typically depicted as being surrounded by flames which purify evil. His sword symbolizes the spirit of a warrior while also cutting away ignorance.
His sword called chiken 知剣blade of wisdom , whose pommel is a vajra (It is the diamond of esoteric sects, the Truth that can not be destroyed by any force or weapon. It symbolizes the victorious power of Knowledge on Ignorance). This blade annihilates the three "poisons" of the mind that are avarice, anger and stupidity.
here is a sword rescued from a dismantled Buddhist temple in Japan .Along  with the natural disasters that Japan faces , they also dismantle and rebuild temples. 

In a tradition that dates back to the year 690, the Ise Jingu shrine in Japan  is completely dismantled and rebuilt every 20 years as part of the belief of death and renewal of nature.

A perfect piece of interior design, adding that Japanese style to your room. 

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