The Good Luck Flag (yosegaki hinomaru) Imperial Japan.


this is an interesting battle flag , as it is signed by 

八木 悌二.   Taiji yagi LT. IMPERIAL NAVY..

It is a group signing given as a gift  to the Japanese Navy institution school graduates. 

Signed by  Morisaki Masamichi ,  Ideta Gong, Yagi Teiji, of Saruwatari Masao lower right. 

Mr. Teiji Yagi was a  Kaiten suicide pilot.

Red circle in the middle is sewn on .

The size of the flag is 66 cm X67cm. This flag comes with a small booklet showing LT Taiji Yagi graduation and receiving his ceremonial Naval Dagger.

28 September 1944:  IJN Submarine I-36: Reassigned as a "kaiten" (Turning of the Heavens) human-torpedo carrier. By October the gun from the afterdeck is removed to accommodate four kaiten.

28 September 1944:  IJN Submarine I-36: 

Participates in kaiten launch exercises off Otsujima, Tokuyama Bay.

27 April 1945:

E of Okinawa. Early in the morning, I-36 sights an American convoy of 28 ships. LtCdr Sugamasa launches four Kaitens piloted by Lt (j.g) Yagi Teiji, PO2C Abe Hideo, Ebihara Kiyosaburo and Matsuda Mitsuo. Two of the kaiten malfunction and cannot be launched. LtCdr Sugamasa reports sinking four transports, but, in fact, all the kaitens are unsuccessful. At this point Lt Yagi was lost .

The Good Luck Flag (yosegaki hinomaru (寄せ書き日の丸)) was a traditional gift for Japanese servicemen deployed during the military campaigns of the Empire of Japan, most notably during World War II.

Lt Taiji Yagi on the left .

A great display piece and conversation starter , once framed ( we can undertake this ) and mounted on the wall in your Japanese style room. Adding a unique interior design feature.

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