Chosen sword 2 . Imperial Japanese Navy


This is the Hanin level sword.

Korea under Japanese Occupation was the period between 1910 and 1945, when Korea came under the Japanese “ sphere of influence in the with the signing of the japan- Korea Treaty of 1876. A complex coalition of the meiji government, military, and business officials began a process of Korea's political and economic integration into Japan. The Korea Empire became a  protectorate  of Japan in 1905 in the second treaty dated 1905 and the country was remotely ruled by the Japanese through the Resident General of Korea . Japan formally annexed  Korea in 1910 in the third treaty in 1910 .This was undertaken without the consent of Gojong the regent of the Korean Emperor .The Japanese Empire had established the Korean Peninsula as a colony of Japan administered by the general government  based in Keijo  (Gyeongseong) .

The military ranked officers were divided into three groups , Hanin ( junior officer ) Sonin ( company rank , captain and above ) and Chokunin senior officers ( generals rank )

there is some loss of the same to the Saya. 


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